Welcome to the Durango Bridge Club

Located in Durango, Colorado, USA, we are a local chapter of the American Contract Bridge League.

We have sanctioned sessions on the following days and times:

  • Monday at 12:15, we have an open game with Jim Beatty as Director
  • Monday at 12:15 we have a newcomers game(less than 20 Master points) Contact Naomi Beans
  • Tuesday at 6:00 pm we have an open game with Cara-Lyn Lappen as Director
  • Thursday at 12:15 we have an intermediate game, (Non-Life Master <500 points) with Jean Walter as Director
  • Friday at 12:15 we have an open game with Jim Beatty as Director
  • Jim Beatty Home (970) 385-0184 Cell (970) 769-5400 Email jdbeatty@bresnan.net
  • Naomi Beans Home (970) 382-2282 Cell (970) 759-3598 Email ehrlichbeans@gmail.com
  • Cara-Lyn Lappen Cell (970) 946-6134 Email lappen7@gmail.com
  • Jean Walter Cell (970) 759-4019 Email jeanluc1976@hotmail.com

All sessions are played at the Durango-LaPlata Senior Center, 2424 Main Avenue, Durango, CO, 81301. Session fees are $2 per person for Monday and $3 for sanctioned games on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Come with a partner or contact the director in advance and we will try to match you with a partner.