Responses to a 1C opening bid

Opening 1C indicates 16 or more points. It is a demand bid for at least 1 round. A response of 1D is the weak response that shows 7 or fewer points while saying nothing about any suits, while all other responses show 8 or more points and are forcing the bidding to continue until game level is reached.

Responses to 1C Open for Beginning Precision

Responding with anything other than 1D indicates that you have 8 or more HCP and is thus game forcing!

Bid a 5 card major; 1NT with a balanced hand and no 4 card major; bid 2C with a 4-card major (Stayman); or bid your strongest minor at the 2 level if nothing else applies.

We will get to transfers and other things later but let's keep it simple for now.

After your first response all bids are natural. Gerber and Roman Key Card systems are on.

When opener gets the 1D response indicating less than 8 points, he should bid a 5 card major. Lacking that but with a balanced hand, bid 1N with 16-19 HCP, 2N with 20-23, and 3N with 24-27, etc. going up by 4 points for each level. Later on, we'll see how using a heart relay makes this all the more precise but let's keep it simple for now. Although the responder has already indicated having fewer than 8 points, with sufficient points, Stayman and transfer systems are on when opener bids No Trump.