The 1 Diamond Open

Responses to 1D Open for Beginning Precision

Responses at the 1 level indicate that there is little or no possibility of game and are not forcing. If you have a 4-card or greater major suit, include distribution points to determine whether game is possible because it is not yet known if you and your partner have a fit in that suit. For example, if you have 5 spades, a void in hearts, and 9 points, bid 2 spades to show this possibility. Even if opener has only 11 points but also has 3 spades, you have an excellent chance of making game by bidding the 4 level in spades.

Responses at the 2 level are all forcing for at least 1 round and indicate an interest in reaching game level.

The most frequent opening bid in Precision is 1 Diamond since it is the catch-all when nothing else applies. This is the best part of Precision. It is much more precise than its Standard Bridge counterpart, and because of this, the subsequent bidding is also much more precise! It does not tell your opponents much about what you have yet it tells your partner precisely what to bid next.

This bid, like most Precision opening bids, should be alerted. If asked, explain: "11 to 15 HCP and no 5-card major, says nothing about diamonds".

The strategy of the responder should be to immediately inform the opener that there is a possibility of reaching game by responding at the 2 level. Secondly, look for a part score in a major. No dice? Settle for a cheap No Trump, or jump to a preempt in a minor when long and weak.