Opening Two Clubs

<p>Ahhh, precision bidding at its best. This bid serves as a mild preempt while offering Stayman to your partner at the same time.</p>

<p>An opening bid of 2 clubs doesn't come up very often but when it does, it is highly descriptive. It says 11-15 HCP, at least 5 clubs and 0 or 1 diamond, no 5-card major but at least one 4-card major. Note how similar this is to the 2 diamond open, which shows exactly 3-3 in the majors.</p>

<p>A 2 diamond response shows an opening hand and is asking for stoppers in the majors as well as point count. You'll see this combo often in Precision</p>

<p>Responding with a major at the 2 level is looking for a fit. To calculate HCP for game, discount wasted values in diamonds (J,Q, or K) but be sure to include distribution value in the other suits.</p>

 <label><h3>Response Summary</h3></label>
  <li>Pass with support in clubs, no 4-card major, and fewer than 5 HCP hoping that your opponents will jump in.</li>
  <li>2D - no 4-card major but at least 1 stopper in diamonds. This is asking for stoppers and HCP. Rebid at 2-level with 11-13 and jump to 3-level with 14-15.</li>
  <li>2H, 2S - looking for a major fit.</li>
  <li>3C - inviting to game in clubs. With this fit, recalculate your point count for distribution and then rebid using steps. Pass with 13-15, 3D with 16-17, 3H with 18-19, 3S with sign off, no possibility of game.</li>
  <li>2N - inviting to game with a stopper in each major, 2 stoppers in diamonds, and opening count.</li>
  <li>3C - no 5-card major or stoppers in diamonds.</li>
  <li>3D - a demand bid. No 5 card major but 11+ HCP, invites opener to 3N with 14-15 HCP or 4C with 11-13 HCP.</li>  
  <li>3H or 3S - invitation to game, the opener should raise to game with 14-15 HCP, otherwise pass.
  <li>3N - sign off with 14+ HCP, stoppers in diamonds and both majors.</li>
  <li>4C - invitation to game in clubs.</li>